Happily Hooked Magazine | Parchment Meadow Pillow

So you guys have heard me talk about Happily Hooked Magazine before right? Well if you haven’t heard of it it’s a monthly online US magazine for crocheters filled with patterns, articles, interviews and more PATTERNS!

Issue 36 of Happily Hooked has now hit the e-newstands with 10+ pretty and practical home decor projects, and I’m really thrilled to have a brand spanking new cushion design exclusive to this months magazine. 


The Parchment Meadow Cushion is a large 40.5cm x 40.5cm (16 x 16 inch) square cushion patterned with soft, pretty coloured meadow flowers on a plain natural coloured background. 


Decorate your bed or couch with this chunky pillow with contrasting crocheted and embroidered motifs. Perfect to mix and match with plain cushions.


I had great fun with this design incorporating 3-D meadow flowers on the textured parchment – and did I say how much I LOVE the texture of this pillow (so did my testers!). 


What is very exciting, since the last time I worked with Happily Hooked Magazine, is that they now offer a print + digital version of the magazine where each month you get a printed copy, with patterns from the previous 2 issues! 

Check out the Happily Hooked Magazine website for more details about the magazine and how you can subscribe and you can add the pillow pattern to your 💗 Favourites and Ravelry Queue here.

Well until next time, happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


RainBOW holder | Happily Hooked Magazine Exclusive

Issue 31 of Happily Hooked Magazine (HHM) has now hit the e-newstands and I am really thrilled to be part of the magazine again with my new RainBOW holder design. 

My new RainBOW hair accessory organiser makes a beautiful addition to any girls bedroom as a fun way to tidy hair clips and bows away. Or you could just make it as a fun wall ornament to bring a little rainbow into your life. 


The October issue of HHM is jam packed full of beautiful designs for children. Each issue of the magazine contains over 10 patterns with exclusive designs, projects for all skills and interests, tips, tricks and skill-building secrets from designers, and the thing that I love, you can now even store your favourite issues to your Ravelry account for free.

If you are new to Happily Hooked magazine you can find out all about it over on their website.  Patterns are written in US terminology but HHM have a conversion chart on their website.

Finally if you are on Facebook make be sure to give the HHM page a like as they always include offers for the magazine and sales from designers on their Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy my new design. 

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Amigurumi Fish | Happily Hooked Magazine Exclusive

Issue 16 of Happily Hooked Magazine has now hit the e-newstands and I am really thrilled to be part of the magazine again with my new Cottage Chic Amigurumi Fish design. Add a little coastal charm to any area of the home with these decorative shabby chic rustic fish hanging decorations. They would look great in a seaside / beach / nautical themed room.

Inspired by all the wonderful knick-knacks you see in seaside shops in the UK my amigurumi fish look great combined with bits of drift wood in a group or on their own as a simple hanging decoration.


The July issue is full of beautiful designs for the Beach & Summer! There are brand-new exclusive patterns from some amazing designers, inspiring interviews, a gorgeous “Crochet + Fashion” article, and much more! And if you are new to Happily Hooked you can get the newest issue PLUS 5 past issues for only 99¢ (63p!).  Patterns are written in US terminology but HHM have a conversion chart on their website.

Finally if you are on Facebook make be sure to give the HHM page a like as they always include offers for the magazine and sales from designers on their Facebook page.

April in a Nutshell (2015)

So we took Spring cleaning to the MAX this month by deciding to decorate the whole house!  It meant that I pretty much couldn’t find anything for the majority of April as things were packed and moved into other rooms and we changed furniture around.  I seriously cannot believe how much STUFF we have accumulated over the years! DSC02673 I found 5 pairs of glasses of old prescriptions whilst cleaning!  Why I still have them all who knows but I have now donated them to Vision Aid Overseas, I also recycled some old mobile phones to Oxfam.  With all the decorating I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to go through and sort out drawers, wardrobes everything really before putting it back – that took infinitely longer than anticipated but at least we are now not only clean but we are also rather organised.  How long it will all last is another story!  We donated so much paraphernalia  to the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity shop down the road it was unreal.  But it was all good gear just that we no longer needed and I’d rather not throw anything away if it’s still useful. I’m rather ashamed that this stuff has been sitting around gathering dust in drawers for years – I should have done this ages ago!  It’s really a very cathartic exercise having a really good clear out!


I have to say though sorting out my stash was a part I enjoyed!  All safe and sound in my spare room we set up some shelves and cleared some space for my yarn babies. This bookshelf is pretty much filled with Sidar and Stylecraft double knit as that’s what I tend to work with the most and I had some of my special yarns (many different brands) on the second to top shelf, it’s really great to be able to see what I’ve got quickly.  All the rest of my stash is now in 5 x 7 litre tubs!  Is it strange that I love just looking at the shelves?

I knew I had a lot of yarn but I’ve never had it all in one place really until now.  My plan is to start using up some of the stash but it always happens that you will need a colour / weight of yarn you don’t have!  And its super hard when you get your hands on one of these…my new Stylecraft shade card – squeal! I LOVE IT!!!   I wish all brands did this, it would be sooooo helpful!


We also enjoyed an early Easter didn’t we in April and for once the weather, particularly on Bank Holiday Monday, was really lovely. As we were decorating we did our Easter in one day on the Monday, an egg hunt in the morning followed by a trip out in the afternoon to a local wildlife park then tea out at a carvery!  Little G loved the adventure playground the best; it really was just lovely to be outside without coats on for a change!


Crochetwise I have been very busily hooking away this month; I released into the world my new beaded make-up bag pattern exclusively available in Happily Hooked Magazine which I blogged about here, my Spring Grace Ponchette which I blogged about here and another free pattern for the Doodle Zoo gang; Finlay Frog which I blogged about here. I have also been hooking up Block 7Block 8 and Block 9 this month for the CAL. The UK weather remained obliging and I had a great photo shoot with the first 8 blocks – I’m thinking I need to add a bit more green though as it’s perhaps the colour I have used least.


I also did a pattern test for a cute little amigumuri which I’ll blog about soon!  Finally I finished up my Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds square for the Deramores Blog competition which I blogged about herephew!

Nothing like keeping busy!  


Happily Hooked Magazine and Me

Happily Hooked Magazine (HHM) is a monthly on-line US crochet magazine for all crochet enthusiasts!  Started in April 2014 this monthly magazine features a little something for everyone that loves crochet!  

Issue 13 hits the e-newstands TODAY (and every subsequent 15th of the month) and guess who has a pattern included? It’s meeeeee!!! I am really thrilled to be part of the magazine with my new Beaded Make-Up Bag.  


There are some really great designers that contribute to the magazine and some stunning crochet projects so you really do need to check it out! You can view the HHM web version on any device like your phone or computer or download it on to an iPad (more apps for other devices coming soon) or download as a PDF if you want to print it out.

If you are on Facebook make sure to give their page a like as they always include offers for the magazine and sales from designers on their Facebook page.   Although the magazine is written in US crochet terminology its easy to convert using their helpful crochet conversion chart; I would say if you love crochet, don’t let that stop you from getting your hands on some fab crochet patterns! The main thing to remember is that the US double crochet is our treble crochet and our double crochet is the US single crochet!

You can get 6 issues for just 99 cents which is about 67p and it comes with a no quibble 90 day risk free guarantee, don’t like it, then you don’t have to have it! And as a special offer for anyone that subscribes this month you will receive a FREE pattern of your choice from ME – the code for the free pattern will be in the Subscribers Area on the HHM website.