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icon-1798272_960_720It seems to me that all the cool blogs have a newsletter and so, after several requests, I’m starting one….issue #01 in fact. What will it be about? Well if you like crochet…then you just might like it 😉  

Each month you can expect to see a round up of my blog posts, special offers (that you don’t get on the blog or through social media), customer and pattern spotlights and other bits of news and secrets!

I’m thinking in my head that the newsletter will go out on the last weekend of every month so, with the end of the month fast approaching, I thought I’d see if any of you lovely lot would like to subscribe…go on…there’ll be cyber treats in it for you! 🍬

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Until next time, happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx



2016 in a Nutshell

I thought I’d do a little review of my hooky year in pictures…

January saw the release of the biggest thing I worked on all year. It’s also the item and design which I am ultimately most proud of. The Everything Is Cool and Groovyghan 2016 Crochet-A-Long is definitely the most challenging thing I have designed and shared so far and the finished groovyghans made by other crafters have just blown me away (you lot are amazing!). Although the crochet-a-long has now finished you can still make a groovyghan of your very own by checking out the details on the blog here.


February and March I was busy growing a human which turned out to be quite hard work! So, aside from the groovyghan, there wasn’t a whole lot of crocheting going on…

Then in April my new shawl pattern, The Spring Blossom Wrap, was released in iLikeCrochet Magazine. Worked in a smooth 4ply cotton yarn and a 3.5mm hook I was really pleased with the floral look I eventually achieved on this shawl which I based on cherry blossoms.


In May and June baby had finally arrived so I got back to a little hooking by working up some quick little hats and a headband for my new arrival. I just chose some patterns on Ravelry that I liked the look of and they actually turned out to be all free patterns. The hats and tie back I made include the Sedge Stitch Newborn Beanie, the Bonnie Bell Bonnet, the TopKnot Baby Hat and the 15 Minute Tieback.  The Bonnie Bell Bonnet was one of the first hats I hooked up. It’s such a cute design and as its worked in Aran (Worsted) weight yarn it’s very quick to work up.


In July I hooked up a little Amineko cat for Little G’s summer fayre, such a fun design and super cute!


In August and September I was working on some exciting patterns for October (more on that later) but I still found time to hook up a little Pumpkin hat for the baby and Baabara for this years Yarndale charity project


and I finally finished a work in progress which had been started a year previously! The Corner to Corner Granny Stitch Throw  was a great pattern to use up loads of odds and ends of double knit in my stash…


So October was a busy and exciting month; my RainBOW Clip Organiser was released in Issue 31 of Happily Hooked Magazine…and I was completely delighted to be asked to take part in the Stylecraft Blog Tour for 2016 for which I designed the Harmonious Hexagon Blanket (free pattern here).


In November and December I hooked up several Christmassy items for my girls including some cute Elfin baby boots and some fabulous elf hats. I also hooked up a fab little mouse baby hat for a Micky fan – unfortunately this particular pattern is no longer available, there are plenty of alternatives out there though if you are looking for this style.  


I also hooked up my special animals from my TOFT yarn and some awesome little Princesses for some gorgeous little girls; but I’m going to blog about those later so I’ll save those ta-dah moments for 2017!

Wow, I enjoyed that stroll down memory lane! I find when it’s all written down like this that I have accomplished more than I realised! Crochet is such a big part of my life that sometimes I forget what I have been up to in the year as I’m concentrating on the next design or project.  The most fantastic thing about crochet is that it continually brings me happiness, fun challenges, surprises, satisfaction at a job completed and most of all relaxation. 

So what can you look forward to in 2017 from me?


I have so many plans for 2017! I’m extremely excited to be working with several crochet magazines this year on new designs, I’ve also got various exciting collaborations coming up, I’m going to be catching up with patterns that I didn’t finish due to being pregnant (and ill) and then having a newborn (for those waiting for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – this is at the top of the list!) AND we’ve got a brand new crochet-a-long to look forward to (starting in March) which is also in development behind the scenes as we speak.

Finally I’d like to say a mahoosive thank you to everyone who has followed me on the blog or on social media in 2016…


My thanks is to everyone who may have brought and/or made any of my patterns, who have read my musings following me here on the blog and for those who have offered / or continued to offer their hands in friendship. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support, enthusiasm and your camaraderie and how much I love to see your finished work!

Well until next time, happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Stylecraft Blog Tour 2016 | Pattern Round Up



So did you all travel along with this years Stylecraft Blog Tour? What amazing crochet and knit patterns there have been!! All I can say is hexagons seem to be the thing to make right now – can’t believe so many of us chose that shape! 😝 

Well in case you missed any of it I thought I would do a round up on the beauty for you with all the links you need to find each pattern. 

Day 1: Emma Varnam – Blencathra Blanket (Oct 24)


Find all the details about the Blencathra Blanket pattern here.

Day 2: Janie Crow – Diego’s Flowers Crochet Hexagon Motif (Oct 25)


Find all the details about the Diego’s Flower pattern here.

Day 3: ME!! – Harmonious Hexagon Quilt (Oct 26)


Find all the details about the Harmonious Hexagon Quilt here.

Day 4: Stylecraft – Tablet Cover (Oct 27)


Find all the details about the Tablet cover here.

Day 5: Le Monde de Sucrette – Chunky Stool Cover (Oct 28)


Find all the details about the Chunky Stool Cover here.

Day 6: Cherry Heart – Bobbing Along Ripple Blanket (Oct 29)

blanket bobbing along stylecraft blogtour aran

Find all the details about the Bobbing Along Ripple Blanket here.

Day 7: Susan Pinner – Spinning Top Blanket (Oct 30)


Find all the details about the Spinning Top Blanket pattern here.

Day 8:  The Twisted Yarn – Scarf (Oct 31)


Find all the details about the scarf pattern here.

Day 9: Annaboos House – Granny Wrap (Nov 1)


Find all the details about the Granny Wrap pattern here.

Day 10: Craftnoon Treats – Blandala (Nov 2)


Find all details about the Blandala here.

Day 11: Hand Knitted Things – Special Stripy Blanket (Nov 3)


Find all details about the Special Stripy Blanket here.

Day 12: The Patchwork Heart – Chunky Cowl (Nov 4)


Find all details about the Chunky Cowl here.

Soooo much gorgeousness am I right!! 

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Little Yellow Duck Project (Part 1)

So in December I was searching the web looking for something to make and I came across The Little Yellow Duck Project .  I started to read about the project, which is to spread a bit of happiness and to raise awareness of donating blood, bone marrow, organ or tissue donation, and thought it was just a fabulous idea and something I would really like to be involved in.  

So I decided to pledge ten little ducks that I would hook up and hide as part of the project – you can see the little ducks I made below along with a round up of the patterns I used. 

I also got in touch with The Little Yellow Duck Project to offer my services to create a brand new free duck crochet pattern which they could use and I was very excited when they said yes!  But more about that tomorrow…

So here are the ducks I made up.  I made two of each pattern and Little G had great fun playing with all the ducks.  Most of the patterns are extremely quick and easy to make – great little afternoon projects.  

The duck patterns I used came either from patterns that have been created by designers especially for the Little Yellow Duck Project (click here) or from the other patterns suggested for use as part of the Little Yellow Duck Ravelry Group (click here).  

Just Duckie Lovey by Lisa van Klaveren / Holland Designs


Lil’ Duck by Karla Fitch


Cheep cheep the crochet chick by Janette Williams


Yellow Duckling by Justyna Kacprzak


Now I’ve just got to give them some names and hide them all.  If you have some good duck name suggestions (besides the obvious Daffy and Donald let me know, I need 10 names!) …and if you find one of my ducks I hope you will add it to The Little Yellow Duck Project  map and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to pop back for tomorrows post which will have the pattern instructions for my little duckling.

Pancake Day! Free Pattern Round Up!

So I’ve not done a free pattern round up for awhile so I thought I would share with you six fab free pancake day themed patterns that I’ve found.  Great for anyone who is dieting but still wants to enjoy pancake day!


Pancakes amigurumi by Amigurumi food


This crochet pancake is just too cute!  I love how the butter and syrup look like a little hat!

“Oranges” Crochet Citrus Coasters by Christine Longe


So do you like to have a squeeze of orange or lemon on your pancakes?  I love these orange themed coasters; they would really bring a brightness to any living room.

Pancake Dishcloth by Amelia Beebe


Isn’t this just the perfect cotton dishcloth for pancake day! A must for any kitchen on Shrove Tuesday! 

Lemon Pillow by Made by leen


I personally like a bit of squeezed lemon on my pancakes and I think this squidgy lemon bolster type cushion is just brilliant.  This pattern is available in Dutch and, if you scroll down the page, English. 

Yummy Pancakes and Eggs Amigurumi by Charlotte W.


I love this little pancake and fried egg combo don’t you. One day I’m going to have to try the sweet pancake and savoury side option in real life! 

Pig and Her Pancake by Jessica Spencer


This little ami is just adorable, loving the sweater!  I really need to find this book too, I’m intrigued by the title!


Look who has done a most fabulous pattern (free and paid) round up for Valentines day – Hodge Podge Crochet has that’s who! Featuring some gorgeous patterns from some awesome designers and my free little twine heart is in there too ❤

HodgePodge Crochet

Just in time for the month of love comes a plethora of patterns ripe for the crocheting!!

Wrapped In Love Slouch Pattern by From Home :: Valentine Roundup :: From Home

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by MumblesMummy :: Valentine Roundup :: Mumbles Mummy

Lovey Dovey Valentine Hat Crochet Pattern by Illumikniti Designs :: Valentine Roundup :: illumikniti designs

Mom Tattoo Hat Pattern by Whimsical Warmth :: Valentine Roundup :: Whimsical Warmth

Shabby Chic Twine Heart Pattern by Keep Calm and Crochet On UK :: Valentine Roundup :: Keep Calm and Crochet On UK

Monkey Lovey Pattern pattern by Blankies by Jackie :: Valentine Roundup :: Blankets by Jackie

Chasing Hearts Ear Warmer Pattern by Crazy Hookers Crochet Creations :: Valentine Roundup :: Crazy Hookers Crochet Creations

Little Love Bear Pattern by Gramma Beans :: Valentine Roundup :: Gramma Beans

Valentines Day Buttoned Love Headband by Simply Knots :: Valentine Roundup :: Simply Knots

Valentines Day Buttoned Heart Boot Cuff Pattern by Simply Knots :: Valentine Roundup :: Simply Knots

Valentines Day Buttoned Heart Headband Pattern by Simply Knots :: Valentine Roundup :: Simply Knots

Valentine Hug Buddies pattern by Daughterofanace :: Valentine Roundup :: Daughterofanace Craft and Crochet

Black Dahlia Cloche by KrissysWonders :: Valentine Roundup :: KrissysWonders

Miss Momma Cat Pattern by Silverdragon Crafts & Critters :: Valentine Roundup :: Silverdragon Crafts & Critters

My Valentine Beanie Pattern…

View original post 136 more words

International Cow Appreciation Day! Free Pattern Round Up!

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that it’s International Cow Appreciation Day today! So I thought I would join the world and take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of cows in my own way – with a round up of some really fab free crochet cow patterns that I’ve found!  P.S. I offer no apologies for the gratuitous use of cow puns in this post!

Monty Moo by Anna Beckett


Mooo’ve over, Monty is here!  Isn’t he just adorable!!!  He has definitely been added to my to do list!

Udderly Silly Scarf by Betsy Dey


Brrrr, I’m Friesian!  Wrap up in this most amoosing cow-print scarf with “udders” on the ends! Such a fun pattern!  Please note you must subscribe to to view this pattern –  but it is free.

Cow hat and Diaper Cover by Made by Miki


How now brown cow! I’m loving this free hat and diaper cover; the addition of the none crochet eye patch I just love!

Cow Dishcloth by Lily / Sugar’n Cream


Cow dishcloth; doesn’t come more awesome than that right!  The pink trim that looks a bit like little udders – udderly inspired!!!

Cow Hotplate Chart  shared by Crochetpedia


Chart only pattern for this cute cow hotplate; just mooovellous!

Cow Applique/Square from Joyful Yarns Crochet


I know you’ve ‘herd’ it all before but I do love a good afghan square – look how cute this cow one is!  

Cow Hat by Simple Crochet and Crafts

Moo7Deja Moo? No it’s a cute girlie earflap cow hat this time and I love the little yellow bow!

Heiferetta Moolove by Crafty Begonia’s Funmigurumi and kids stuff


And finally I’m going to ‘steer’ you towards this last pattern as it’s a great scrap buster and cute to boot! And I’m loving the name Heiferetta Moolove!